S-32.001 - Act respecting income support, employment assistance and social solidarity

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102. A person must repay to the Minister an amount granted under a last resort financial assistance program following the occurrence of an event giving rise to the exercise of a right by the person or the person’s dependent child by judicial proceedings or any other means, whether or not the right is a personal right, and whether or not the amount had been granted to the person or the person’s family at the time of the event.
The amount of the repayment is due from the realization and up to the value of the right; the amount is established by applying the rules for the calculation of resources set out in sections 27 and 29.
Where a person did not declare the prospective realization of a right to the Minister and the amount received following the realization of the right should, according to the law, have been paid to the Minister, the amount can be seized by the Minister notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary. The same applies to property acquired with the amount received following the realization of the right.
1998, c. 36, s. 102.