S-3.4 - Fire Safety Act

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92. The fire chief of the fire safety service that directed the emergency response operations or, if there was no intervention, the secretary-treasurer or clerk of the local municipality in whose territory the fire occurred shall notify the competent fire investigation commissioner as soon as practicable
(1)  if the point of origin and the probable causes of the fire have not been determined ;
(2)  if the circumstances of the fire are unclear ; or
(3)  if a connection seems to exist between the probable causes or the circumstances of the fire and other fires.
Moreover, if an investigation was conducted under section 43, the fire chief must send to the fire investigation commissioner a copy of the investigation report and, if applicable, of the minutes of a seizure under section 44.
Where a fire involves loss of life, the notice and documents must be transmitted to the coroner.
2000, c. 20, s. 92.