R-6.01 - Act respecting the Régie de l’énergie

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85.41. The master plan prepared under the Act respecting Transition énergétique Québec (chapter T-11.02) shall be submitted to the Régie so that it may approve the programs and measures under the responsibility of the energy distributors as well as the financial investment necessary, by form of energy, for carrying out the programs and measures. The Régie may approve those elements with or without amendment. The same holds for any revision of the plan.
Furthermore, the master plan shall be submitted to the Régie so it may give its advice on the plan’s capacity to achieve the energy targets set by the Government.
The Régie shall determine the annual contribution payable to Energy Transition Québec by an energy distributor in accordance with the regulation made under subparagraph 11 of the first paragraph of section 114.
2016, c. 352016, c. 35, s. 1.