R-6.01 - Act respecting the Régie de l’énergie

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85.35. (Repealed).
2006, c. 46, s. 48; 2009, c. 33, s. 4; 2013, c. 16, s. 183.
85.35. The Government, for the period and subject to the conditions it determines, sets the overall financial investment toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change that is to be funded by the distributors referred to in section 85.33.
2006, c. 46, s. 48; 2009, c. 33, s. 4.
85.35. The Government may, for the period and on the conditions it determines, set
(1)  greenhouse gas emission reduction objectives;
(2)  the overall financial investment to be made to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction objectives and to carry out measures arising from any government policy or strategy that is designed to fight climate change and that includes means of adapting to climate change.
2006, c. 46, s. 48.