R-6.01 - Act respecting the Régie de l’énergie

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82. A natural gas distributor is authorized to exercise as regards natural gas, within the territory where the distributor’s exclusive distribution rights obtain, such powers relating to the sale and rental of apparatus and meters, work in the streets, on highways and in public places and interruptions of service and such power to enter upon private property as are provided for in sections 63 to 71 and 73 to 76 of the Gas, Water and Electricity Companies Act (chapter C-44), subject to the restrictions, conditions and obligations specified in those sections.
The distributor may exercise the same powers, subject to the same restrictions, conditions and obligations, with respect to the construction of pipelines for the supply, transmission and delivery of natural gas to the distributor’s customers in the territory for which exclusive distribution rights have been granted to the distributor, whether the pipelines are built wholly or partly within or outside that territory.
1996, c. 61, s. 82.