R-6.01 - Act respecting the Régie de l’énergie

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52.1.2. When fixing or modifying rates under section 52.1, the Régie shall consider the revenues required by the electric power distributor for the operation of the public fast-charging service for electric vehicles referred to in section 22.0.2 of the Hydro-Québec Act (chapter H-5).
Those revenues shall be determined by the Régie after giving due consideration, in particular, to the fair value of the assets it considers prudently acquired and useful for the operation of such a public service, the overall amounts of expenditure it considers necessary for the provision of the service and the operating revenues collected by the electric power distributor from the provision of the service.
The Régie shall also consider such economic, social and environmental concerns as have been identified by order by the Government.
2018, c. 252018, c. 25, s. 2.