R-6.01 - Act respecting the Régie de l’énergie

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(Section 75.1)
1. Developments in the competitiveness of electricity rates in large North American cities;
2. Record of customer complaints;
3. Developments regarding service quality indicators and update on promotional activities;
4. Report on the electricity distributor’s compliance with the Code of Conduct;
5. Update on the use of Interruptible Electricity Options and the Additional Electricity Option;
6. Update on costs relating to sales and purchases of fuel electricity and transmission services, and to load retention rates, retirement, unforeseen circumstances in off-grid systems, major outages, changes to accounting policies, and the demand response program for the business market;
7. Update on the neutralization use account – Review of useful lives;
8. Developments regarding the regulatory asset relating to any supply contract suspension agreement;
9. Update on dispositions of immovables;
10. Update on investments and commercial programs;
11. Capitalization rates, cost and description of the electricity distributor’s debt;
12. Update on supply contracts;
13. Particulars concerning sources of supply, actual supply and demand and distribution loss rates;
14. Report on the use of the exemption from using the tendering process for short-term supply contracts;
15. List of and update on energy efficiency interventions and costs relating to Transition énergétique Québec;
16. Changes in the workforce, measured in full-time equivalent units;
17. History of sales, sales revenue, number of customer accounts and electricity consumption;
18. Number of kilometres of distribution lines by voltage level;
19. Table presenting the actual cross-subsidization indexes by class of consumers according to the methodology approved by the Régie de l’énergie for fixing or modifying the rates for the distribution of electric power provided for in section 48 of this Act, including the apportionment of the cost of heritage pool electricity; and
20. Summary of the public information sessions provided for in the second paragraph of section 75.1.
2019, c. 272019, c. 27, s. 17.