R-5 - Act respecting the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec

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34.1. Where an employer has undertaken in a collective agreement entered into under the Labour Code (chapter C-27) to pay, for the benefit of his employees, the contribution that they had to pay under Division II of the Act to provide for the financing of health programmes (1976, chapter 27) as it read before being replaced by Division I of Chapter IV of this Act, he must remit to them an amount equivalent to that contribution at each maturity until the end of his undertaking. The employer must in addition indicate to the association certified under the Labour Code, not later than 60 days after 4 April 1979, the amount so returned to each of his employees and the manner in which that amount was established.
The employer is discharged from the obligation to remit to his employees the amount owing to them under the first paragraph, if the association certified under the Labour Code accepts that the employer grant equivalent benefits to his employees.
Payment of the amounts owed by an employer to his employees under the first and second paragraphs shall not be exacted by them before the expiry of the 60 days contemplated in the first paragraph.
Any difficulty resulting from the application of this section constitutes a grievance within the meaning of the Labour Code as in the case of the interpretation or application of the collective agreement binding the employer and that association.
1979, c. 1, s. 58.