R-5 - Act respecting the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec

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2.0.13. The Board may require, from every person filing an application under this Act, the Health Insurance Act (chapter A-29), the Act respecting prescription drug insurance (chapter A-29.01), the regulations or any other program entrusted to it by law or by the Government under the first paragraph of section 2,
(1)  that the person use the appropriate form provided by the Board; and
(2)  that the person provide the information and documents necessary to the processing of the application.
Likewise, the Board may require that declarations, notices, authorizations, mandates given to a third person, reports or other documents be submitted to the Board on the appropriate form or according to the appropriate model it provides.
In addition, the Board may require that registers kept for the purposes of an Act, regulation or program referred to in the first paragraph be kept according to the model the Board provides.
The Board’s forms and models are published on the Board’s website.
2016, c. 282016, c. 28, s. 65; 2017, c. 262017, c. 26, s. 9.