R-15.1 - Supplemental Pension Plans Act

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288.1.2. A pension plan that does not include provisions pertaining to the appropriation of its surplus assets must, before 22 February 2019, be amended according to the rules set out in Division I of Chapter X.1 to bring it into compliance with section 146.2. The application for registration of such an amendment must be submitted without delay to Retraite Québec.
In the absence of such an amendment, the plan must provide that the amount of surplus assets referred to in the first paragraph of section 146.8 is to be appropriated according to a combination of the methods referred to in subparagraphs 1 and 2 of the second paragraph of that section and that, if that amount is less than the caps established in the first paragraph of that section, the appropriation must be proportional to the employer and member current service contributions. The pension committee must, without delay, amend the text of the plan to include these rules, and inform Retraite Québec in writing of the amendment.
2018, c. 22018, c. 2, s. 127.