R-15.1 - Supplemental Pension Plans Act

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113.1. When it has been notified that an association has been formed to represent, for the purposes of the pension plan, active members not represented by a certified association, non-active members or beneficiaries of the plan, the pension committee must enclose a notice giving such information as it possesses with respect to the name and address of the association, its purpose and admission procedures with the following documents sent to the persons the association is mandated to represent:
(1)  the annual statement sent out under section 112; and
(2)  the notice sent to the members and beneficiaries under the second paragraph of section 146.4, the third paragraph of section 196 or the first paragraph of section 230.4.
The exemption provided by the second paragraph of section 112 does not dispense the pension committee from sending members the notice provided for in the first paragraph.
2008, c. 21, s. 16; I.N. 2016-05-15.