P-44 - Roadside Advertising Act

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7. No person may display or cause to be displayed a commercial advertising sign within 300 metres of a highway, rest area or lookout and visible therefrom without being the holder of a permit issued by the Minister of Transport unless the sign advertises the harvesting or sale of agricultural products or the sale or lease of all or part of an immovable.
Where an advertising sign has been displayed without the prescribed permit having been issued, the following persons must, to keep it on display, obtain a permit issued by the Minister of Transport:
(1)  the owner, lessee or occupant of the land on which the advertising sign is displayed;
(2)  the person whose goods or services are advertised;
(3)  the owner of the advertising display panel.
For the purposes of this section, where commercial advertising signs are displayed back to back or anglewise to each other, a separate permit must be obtained for each.
1988, c. 14, s. 7.