P-30.3 - Act respecting owners, operators and drivers of heavy vehicles

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28. When it assigns or maintains a “conditional” safety rating, the Commission may impose any condition it judges likely to correct the deficiencies observed, whether with regard to the heavy vehicles, the qualifications of partners, directors, officers and employees, or the management and operation of the undertaking or of any undertaking acquired by the registered person.
The Commission may also take any other measure it judges appropriate and reasonable, such as requiring as a condition that an administrative agreement entered into with the registered person be complied with.
1998, c. 40, s. 28; 2005, c. 39, s. 17.
28. The Commission shall also declare totally disqualified any person who, in the Commission’s opinion, endangers the safety of the users of roads open to public vehicular traffic or threatens the integrity of the road network by repeated and habitual contravention of a provision of this Act, the Highway Safety Code (chapter C‐24.2) or any other Act referred to in section 23.
1998, c. 40, s. 28.