P-15 - Summary Convictions Act

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63. If, apart from the case provided for in paragraph b of section 62, the collector ascertains or believes that seizure does not or will not permit recovery of the fine, he may, according to the availability of the compensatory work programs, offer the defendant the option to pay the fine by means of such work in accordance with Schedule A.
R. S. 1964, c. 35, s. 60; 1969, c. 21, s. 35; 1982, c. 32, s. 9.
63. (1)  The constable or any of the constables, or any person to whom any warrant of commitment authorized by this or any other act or law is directed, shall convey the accused person therein named or described to the house of detention mentioned in such warrant, and there deliver him, together with the warrant, to the keeper of such house of detention, who shall thereupon give the constable or other person delivering the prisoner into his custody, a receipt for the prisoner, setting forth the state and condition of the prisoner when so delivered.
(2)  Such receipt shall be as in form 25.
(3)  It shall not be necessary to give such receipt to a constable or other person delivering a prisoner to the custody of the keeper or other person in charge of a municipal lock-up or of any other place of detention which is not a house of detention. .
R. S. 1964, c. 35, s. 60; 1969, c. 21, s. 35.