P-15 - Summary Convictions Act

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131. The Government may, by regulation,
(a)  determine the costs to which a party may be adjudged in first instance or in appeal;
(b)  determine the costs which may be remitted to the prosecutor in accordance with the second paragraph of section 51;
(c)  determine the costs which may be awarded to witnesses and the tariff of fees of every person in charge of the carrying out of this Act with respect to proceedings;
(d)  fix, for the purposes of the security contemplated in section 74.1, the amount of the costs to be added to the amount of the minimum fine or, for each offence against an Act respecting which no minimum fine is provided, the amount of the security itself;
(e)  fix the manner in which the defendant may meet the conditions of the security contemplated in section 74.1.
A regulation passed under this section comes into force on the date of its publication in the Gazette officielle du Québec or on any later date fixed therein.
1982, c. 32, s. 21.