P-13.1 - Police Act

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258. An internal discipline by-law shall determine the duties and standards of conduct of police officers to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the services provided, and respect for the authorities over them.
The by-law must determine the types of behaviour that constitute breaches of discipline, establish a disciplinary procedure, determine the powers of the authorities with regard to discipline and establish sanctions.
The by-law must establish sanctions, including dismissal and fines, for any police officer who, directly or indirectly, exerts undue influence or obtains or attempts to obtain a sum of money or any other benefit in return for a favour.
The by-law must also prohibit all police officers from wearing their uniforms, badges or service weapons or from using other items belonging to their employer when, while on duty, they engage in activities that are not part of the duties of a police officer.
Subject to section 119, a police officer on whom a sanction has been imposed pursuant to the provisions of Chapter I of this Title may not receive an additional sanction under a discipline by-law for similar derogatory conduct at the time of the same event.
2000, c. 12, s. 258.