N-1.01 - Act respecting energy efficiency and energy conservation standards for certain electrical or hydrocarbon-fuelled appliances

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28. An inspector may, for the purposes of this Act,
(1)  enter at any reasonable hour the establishment or the property of an energy distributor or any place where an appliance is manufactured, warehoused or offered for sale or lease;
(2)  examine any appliance, subject it to testing to see if it complies to this Act, take it to another place, if necessary, and return it as soon as possible once testing has been completed;
(3)  examine and make copies of books, records, accounts, files and other documents;
(4)  require that information be given and documents be produced; and
(5)  require to be accompanied by the person or persons of the inspector’s choice.
Any person who has the care, possession or control of books, registers, accounts, records or other documents must make them available to the inspector on request and facilitate their examination. The owner or person in charge of the premises referred to in subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph, or any person present on the premises, is required to assist the inspector in carrying out the inspection.
The inspector and any person accompanying the inspector must, if so requested, produce identification and proof of appointment.
2011, c. 16, Sch. II, s. 28.