M-35.1.3 - Act to implement the Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption

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9. The Minister shall ensure that the certificate issued by the foreign competent authority contains the elements required under article 23 of the Convention.
The Minister may, where the Minister considers it necessary, apply to the Court of Québec for a ruling on the validity of the certificate or on the recognition of the adoption in Québec having regard to article 24 of the Convention.
Where the certificate was issued in respect of an adoption which did not result in the dissolution of the pre-existing bond of filiation between the child and the child’s family of origin, the Minister shall, after ascertaining that the consents required under section 6 of this Act have been given, draw up a certificate attesting to the conversion of the adoption into an adoption dissolving the pre-existing bond of filiation. The Minister shall give a copy of the certificate to the adopter.
2004, c. 3, s. 9.