M-30.01 - Act respecting the Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation

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90. (Repealed).
2003, c. 29, s. 90; 2015, c. 8, s. 263.
90. A regional county municipality may take any measure to promote local development and entrepreneurial support within its territory.
To that end, it may more particularly
(1)  offer a full range of front-line services to businesses, possibly in partnership with persons or bodies including those from the private sector, by grouping or coordinating those services and providing funding for them;
(2)  develop a local plan of action to stimulate the economy and create employment taking into account the five-year development plan established by the regional conference of elected officers in its territory and, if applicable, the metropolitan land use and development plan as well as the general economic development plan adopted by the metropolitan community in its territory, and see to the implementation of the local plan of action;
(3)  formulate, in keeping with provincial and regional orientations, strategies and objectives, a strategy for the development of entrepreneurship, including social economy entrepreneurship; and
(4)  act as an advisory body for the benefit of the local employment centre serving its territory.
This section applies despite the Municipal Aid Prohibition Act (chapter I‐15).
2003, c. 29, s. 90.