M-30.01 - Act respecting the Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation

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171. (Repealed).
2003, c. 29, s. 171; 2015, c. 8, s. 264.
171. The community economic development corporations and other bodies referred to in Schedule A to the Act respecting the Ministère des Régions (chapter M‐25.001), as it read on 22 March 2004 and a body which, on that date, was accredited in accordance with section 8 of the said Act, are deemed to be designated as local development centres under section 91 until the regional county municipality establishes or designates a new one. They shall continue to act under the name they were using on 22 March 2004.
Within the six months following 23 March 2004, such deemed designated local development centres shall make any changes required to the composition of their board of directors and voting rights to bring them into conformity with section 94.
2003, c. 29, s. 171.