M-28 - Act respecting the Ministère des Transports

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9. In the exercise of their functions, any officer or employee of the department, or any other person designated by the Minister, may enter and pass over any land at any reasonable time in order to conduct surveys, examinations, analyses or other preparatory work related to the Minister’s mission.
Persons authorized to act under the first paragraph must, on request, produce a certificate of authority.
1972, c. 54, s. 9; 2015, c. 16, s. 4.
9. The Minister, the Deputy Minister or any other functionary or employee of the department, and every other person duly authorized by the Minister, may enter upon and pass over any private property, if necessary to do so in the performance of any duty imposed by any Act the carrying out of which is under the jurisdiction of the Minister.
1972, c. 54, s. 9.