M-25.1.1 - Act respecting the Ministère des Relations internationales

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22.1. The Minister shall see to the interests of Québec during the negotiation of any international accord, whatever its particular designation, between the Government of Canada and a foreign government or an international organization, which pertains to any matter within the constitutional jurisdiction of Québec. The Minister shall ensure and coordinate the implementation of any such accord in Québec.
The Minister may agree to the signing of such an accord by Canada.
The Government must, in order to be bound by an international accord pertaining to any matter within the constitutional jurisdiction of Québec and to give its assent to Canada’s expressing its consent to be bound by such an accord, make an order to that effect. The same applies in respect of the termination of such an accord.
The Minister and the Government may subject their respective agreement and assent to the formulation by Canada, when it expresses its consent to be bound, of the reservations expressed by Québec.
2002, c. 8, s. 6.
The Minister of Economy and Innovation exercises the functions of the Minister of International Relations provided for in the first paragraph of this section as regards any important international commitment which concerns international trade. Order in Council 820-2019 dated 14 August 2019, (2019) 151 G.O. 2 (French), 3787.