F-4.1 - Forest Act

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104.1. Sections 35.4 to 35.8, the fourth paragraph of section 35.14, section 35.15, the second paragraph of section 35.16, sections 35.17 and 54 to 58.3, sections 59.5, 59.6, 59.8 to 64, section 70 except subparagraph 4 of the second paragraph, sections 70.1 to 70.4, 73.4 to 73.6, 77.4 and 77.5 and section 82, except subparagraphs 4 and 5 of the first paragraph and the second paragraph, section 84 except paragraph 1 and section 86.1 apply, with the necessary modifications, to forest management contracts. For such purposes,
(1)  the management unit is the management area specified in the forest management contract;
(2)  the holder of the timber supply and forest management agreement is the holder of the forest management contract;
(3)  the volume allocated under the agreement is the annual allowable cut assigned to the management area covered by the contract or, for the purposes of section 73.4, the volume of timber authorized under the management permit.
However, the provisions of sections 73.4 to 73.6 referred to in this section do not apply where the contract holder is a municipality or a Native band council.
2001, c. 6, s. 91; 2003, c. 16, s. 30.