F-3.1 - Civil Service Act

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112. (Replaced).
1978, c. 15, s. 112; 1983, c. 55, s. 153.
112. The Government may grant certification to any association of employees to represent each of the groups contemplated in paragraphs a, c and d of section 110 and the members of each of the professions contemplated in paragraph b of the same section together with the persons admitted to the study of such profession.
Such certification is granted only upon the recommendation of a joint committee constituted for such purpose by the Government, one-half of the members of which are representatives of the group concerned.
Such certification has the same effect as certification granted by a labour commissioner under the Labour Code.
The Labour Court established by the Labour Code decides all conflicts respecting the effective exclusion or inclusion of a member of the civil service staff in any of such groups and may cancel the certification and grant another upon the conditions prescribed by the Labour Code.
1978, c. 15, s. 112.