F-3.1.1 - Public Service Act

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33. Except where jurisdiction in the matters enumerated in this paragraph is assigned to another authority under a collective agreement, a public servant may appeal to the Commission de la fonction publique from a decision informing him of
(1)  his classification following his appointment to a new or changed class of positions;
(2)  his demotion;
(3)  his dismissal;
(4)  disciplinary action;
(5)  his being provisionally relieved of his duties.
An appeal under this section must be made in writing and received by the Commission within 30 days of the date the contested decision was sent.
This section, except subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph, does not apply to a public servant undergoing a probationary period under section 13.
1983, c. 55, s. 33.