E-20.001 - Act respecting the exercise of certain municipal powers in certain urban agglomerations

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86. Subject to the second and third paragraphs of section 85, the urban agglomeration council and the regular council of the central municipality or the council of a reconstituted municipality may exercise concurrently the power conferred on them to levy the same tax or impose the same other method of financing.
The Government must therefore treat separately the part of the sum it must pay to a related municipality under section 210, 254 or 257 of the Act that stands in lieu of taxes, compensations and modes of tariffing imposed by the urban agglomeration council, and the other part of that sum. In addition, each of the corresponding parts of any sum paid under a program established by the Government, a minister or a government body to increase the compensations standing in lieu of taxes paid to the municipalities must also be treated separately.
For the purposes of this Act, the sum that the Government must pay under the second sentence of the first paragraph of section 257 of the Act is considered to be a compensation standing in lieu of taxes, compensations and modes of tariffing referred to in that sentence.
2004, c. 29, s. 86.