E-20.001 - Act respecting the exercise of certain municipal powers in certain urban agglomerations

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181. Any by-law or resolution of the urban agglomeration council, the regular council of the central municipality or the council of the reconstituted municipality that deals with the remuneration, compensation, reimbursement of expenses or any other component of remuneration provided for in the Act respecting the remuneration of elected municipal officers (chapter T‐11.001) regarding the council members may have retroactive effect to the date on which the council was able to begin to act under section 178 or 179.
The retroactive effect given under the first paragraph also applies to the other conditions of employment related to remuneration, such as employee and employer contributions to the pension plan.
In the case of a person referred to in section 180, the amount of the remuneration and compensation that would be payable to the person for the period referred to in that section, under a by-law referred to in the first paragraph, is reduced by the amount the person receives from the city as remuneration and compensation for that period.
2004, c. 29, s. 181.