E-20.001 - Act respecting the exercise of certain municipal powers in certain urban agglomerations

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136. An urban agglomeration order must prescribe rules on the following matters as regards the urban agglomeration council:
(1)  the nature of the council, according to whether or not it is separate from the ordinary council of the central municipality;
(2)  the number of council members;
(3)  the special positions on the council, such as the positions of chair and vice-chair;
(4)  the manner of determining the holders of the positions of council member and the holders of the positions under paragraph 3;
(5)  the particular functions of the holder of a position under paragraph 3;
(6)  the cases where the holder of a position on the council may be provisionally replaced and the manner of determining the replacement;
(7)  the assignment of votes to each council member;
(8)  the manner in which the council makes decisions; and
(9)  the operation of the council.
An urban agglomeration order may prescribe rules on any other matter, as appropriate, to take into account the existence of the urban agglomeration council.
2004, c. 29, s. 136.