E-20.001 - Act respecting the exercise of certain municipal powers in certain urban agglomerations

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125. (Repealed).
2004, c. 29, s. 125; 2005, c. 28, s. 160.
125. A reconstitution order may mention the name of the first holder of a position of officer or employee of the municipality other than the position of clerk or secretary-treasurer, or refer to a document containing the list of such position holders.
A first position holder mentioned by the order or the document to which it refers is deemed to have been appointed or hired by the council of the municipality.
That presumption does not limit the application of any provision of an Act or statutory instrument that subsequently governs the municipality as regards the deliberative body or officer having authority to appoint, hire, dismiss or fire the holder of such a position. However, the first general manager, clerk, treasurer or secretary-treasurer cannot be dismissed in the first 12 months following the reorganization of the city.
2004, c. 29, s. 125.