E-20.001 - Act respecting the exercise of certain municipal powers in certain urban agglomerations

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118.23.1. All accessory work necessary for the project phase, or the operation, alteration or extension, of the structuring public transit network (Network) referred to in the Act respecting the Réseau structurant de transport en commun de la Ville de Québec (chapter R-25.03) or operated under the Act respecting public transit authorities (chapter S-30.01) is a matter that concerns all related municipalities of the urban agglomeration of Québec, even if the work is carried out in or on thoroughfares forming a road system other than the arterial road system of the urban agglomeration or on purely local water or sewer mains.
Related municipalities of the urban agglomeration of Québec may not, without the authorization of the central municipality during the Network’s project phase, or of the Société de transport de Québec once the Network is operational, carry out work in places where work has already been carried out under the first paragraph. Nor may they, without such authorization, carry out work that, due to its proximity to the Network or its nature, could impact the Network.
2019, c. 152019, c. 15, s. 17.