E-20.001 - Act respecting the exercise of certain municipal powers in certain urban agglomerations

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118.1. As soon as the part of the budget of the central municipality that falls within the jurisdiction of the regular council is adopted, the regular council may adopt a by-law for the collection of the revenues provided for in that part even if the budget of the municipality has not been adopted because the urban agglomeration council has not adopted the part that falls within its own jurisdiction.
The regular council does not take the measures referred to in subparagraph 4 of the second paragraph of section 109 when or after the by-law under the first paragraph is adopted. However, it must take those measures as soon as possible after the urban agglomeration council adopts the part of the budget that falls within its jurisdiction and, if necessary for the purposes of those measures or after those measures are taken, it must amend the by-law made under the first paragraph.
When the taxes and other revenues deriving from the part of the budget of the central municipality adopted by the urban agglomeration council are collected, the central municipality must inform each ratepayer of the final amounts owed following the adjustment under the second paragraph and make the required compensations out of the amounts collected.
2006, c. 31, s. 71.