D-8.1 - Act respecting the development of Québec firms in the book industry

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38. In addition to the other powers provided by this Act, the Government may, by regulation, upon the recommendation of the Minister, who shall obtain the advice of the board,
(1)  define what is meant in this Act by school manual, discount and tabulated statement;
(2)  determine the form and tenor of the documents to be transmitted by those applying for accreditation;
(3)  determine the activities, occupations or professions incompatible with those carried on by the person eligible for accreditation;
(4)  dispense, in whole or in part, a category of persons, of undertakings or of activities from the application of this Act and the regulations;
(5)  establish regions and, as the case may be, prescribe for the purposes of the application of this Act and the regulations, specific norms, terms and conditions for each of them.
1979, c. 68, s. 38.