C-67.2 - Cooperatives Act

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101. No director may be dismissed at a special meeting unless he has been informed in writing, within the time prescribed for calling the meeting, of the grounds for dismissal and of the place, date and time of the meeting.
At the meeting, the director may oppose his dismissal by making representations or by transmitting a written statement to be read by the chairman.
1982, c. 26, s. 101; 1995, c. 67, s. 65.
101. The director whose dismissal is proposed is entitled to be informed of the reasons therefor and of the place, date and time of the meeting at which it will be considered, not later than the time limit for notice of the meeting.
He may attend the meeting and be heard or, in a written statement read by the chairman of the meeting, give the reasons for his opposition to the resolution proposing his dismissal.
1982, c. 26, s. 101.