C-5.2 - Act to prevent skin cancer caused by artificial tanning

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7. Direct or indirect advertising promoting artificial tanning is prohibited if
(1)  it is directed at minors; or
(2)  it is false or misleading, or is likely to create an erroneous impression about the health effects or health risks of artificial tanning, especially if it suggests that artificial tanning equipment is harmless.
The prohibition in the first paragraph applies in particular to the name under which a tanning salon is operated.
All advertising promoting artificial tanning must clearly state the prohibition against providing artificial tanning services to minors, and must include the Minister’s warning prescribed by regulation about the adverse health effects of artificial tanning.
In addition to prescribing the warning about the adverse health effects of artificial tanning, the Minister may make regulations determining the standards applicable to the warning and to the prohibition referred to in the second paragraph.
The operator or, if there is no operator, the owner of the premises or advertising space or of any media where unlawful advertising is disseminated, as well as the person who paid for the dissemination of such advertising and, if party to the dissemination contract, the tanning salon operator, are guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of $500 to $5,000 in the case of a natural person or $1,500 to $15,000 in any other case, unlawful advertising being advertising that contravenes this section or a regulation made under this section.
2012, c. 16, s. 7.