C-37.3 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de Québec

Full text The Community may choose to use a system of bid weighting and evaluating whereby each bid obtains a number of points based on the price as well as on the quality or quantity of goods, services or work, the delivery procedure, servicing, the experience and financial capacity required of the insurer, supplier or contractor or on any other criteria directly related to the procurement.
Where the Community chooses to use such a system, the call for tenders or any document to which it refers shall mention all the requirements and all criteria that will be used for evaluating the bids, as well as the weighting and evaluation methods based on those criteria.
In such a case, the Community shall not award the contract to a person other than the person whose bid was received within the time fixed and obtained the highest score.
For the purposes of the last sentence of section 92.0.2, the bid having obtained the highest score shall be considered to be the lowest tender.
1997, c. 53, s. 34.