C-37.3 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de Québec

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69.2. The council of the city of Québec shall designate ten of its councillors as councillors eligible to hold any of the offices reserved for councillors on the select committees and on the board of directors of the Société. The councils of the cities of Beauport, Charlesbourg and Sainte-Foy shall each designate three of its councillors to be eligible to hold any of those offices.
Except where the resolution makes a group designation of the ten or of the three eligible councillors, as the case may be, every resolution designating a councillor shall specify which formerly designated councillor is being replaced, failing which the decision shall be made by the Council.
As soon as possible after a resolution designating a councillor is passed, the clerk of the municipality shall transmit an authenticated copy of the resolution to the Community.
The designation takes effect only from the time the Community receives the copy of the resolution.
1984, c. 32, s. 13; 1993, c. 67, s. 26.
69.2. Committee members, including the chairman and vice-chairman, are appointed by the Council from among its members.
1984, c. 32, s. 13.