C-37.3 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de Québec

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167. At the end of the fiscal year, the treasurer shall draw up the financial report for the past fiscal year, and attest that it is accurate.
The financial report shall be drawn up on the forms furnished by the Minister, where such is the case. It shall include the financial statements and any other information required by the Minister.
1969, c. 83, s. 209; 1977, c. 5, s. 14; 1984, c. 38, s. 127.
167. On or before 1 February each year the Community shall appoint one or more auditors for the current fiscal year. Such auditors shall report to the Community on their examination within ninety days following the expiry of the fiscal year. The Commission municipale du Québec may order the appointment of any other auditor whom it deems necessary and require a report.
1969, c. 83, s. 209; 1977, c. 5, s. 14.