C-37.1 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de l’Outaouais

Full text
96. (Repealed).
1974, c. 85, s. 3; 1977, c. 5, s. 14; 1983, c. 29, s. 31.
96. Within thirty days following the adoption, amendment or repeal of the by-law provided for in section 91, any municipality may in writing address to the Minister a motion indicating the reasons of its opposition and proposing the amendments it suggests.
Upon receiving the motion contemplated in the preceding paragraph, the Minister may request the Commission municipale du Québec to conduct a public inquiry for the purpose of hearing the interested parties and making a report to him.
The Minister may then advise the Community of the amendments that he considers it advisable to bring within a delay fixed by him.
Such a by-law shall come into force only after it has been approved by the Minister who may bring to it the amendments contemplated in the preceding paragraph, if the Community has failed to do so.
1974, c. 85, s. 3; 1977, c. 5, s. 14.