C-37.1 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de l’Outaouais

Full text
63. The following standing committees of the Council are established:
(1)  the planning committee;
(2)  the environment quality committee;
(3)  the valuation and finance committee.
1969, c. 85, s. 80; 1975, c. 90, s. 18, s. 31; 1983, c. 29, s. 12.
63. The Council may appoint permanent or special committees, composed of the number of members it determines, who may be chosen from among its members and the other members of the councils of the municipalities of the territory of the Community, to exercise a mandate within the competence of the Council and determined by it.
The Council may replace any member of the said committees whenever it sees fit.
The chairman of the Council shall be a member exofficio of all committees.
Every committee shall render account of its labours and decisions by reports signed by its chairman or by a majority of the members who compose it.
No report of a committee appointed under this section shall have any effect until it has been ratified or adopted by the Council.
The Council may authorize payment of the expenses effectively incurred by any member of a committee for the benefit of that committee, provided it has been previously authorized by the Council.
The Council may, by a resolution approved by the Minister, fix the remuneration of the members of a committee who are not members of the Council.
1969, c. 85, s. 80; 1975, c. 90, s. 18, s. 31.