C-37.1 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de l’Outaouais

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130. From the coming into force of the by-law provided for in section 129, the Community may make an agreement with any person holding the right of ownership or any other right in respect of an immovable situated in the park concerned.
Such an agreement may provide
(1)  that the person retains his right for a certain period or with certain restrictions;
(2)  that the person grants the Community a right of preemption;
(3)  that the person agrees not to make improvements or changes to the immovable except with the consent of the Community;
(4)  that the person agrees, in case of total or partial expropriation of his right, not to claim any indemnity by reason of an increase in value of the immovable or right that could result from the establishment of the park or from of improvements or changes made to the immovable.
The agreement may also contain any other condition relating to the use of the immovable or right.
1969, c. 85, s. 167; 1983, c. 29, s. 45; 1993, c. 3, s. 122.
130. (Repealed).
1969, c. 85, s. 167; 1983, c. 29, s. 45.
130. When the Community has obtained jurisdiction in such matters under section 86, it shall be entrusted with the maintenance and operation of such parks and centres and all other installations which it determines thereafter by by-law subject to the approval of the Minister.
It may also subsequently establish new parks, centres and installations with the same approval.
1969, c. 85, s. 167.