C-35 - Act respecting the Commission municipale

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86.7. The Commission must transmit any report made under section 86.6 to the municipality or body that was audited or that is the subject of the report’s findings or recommendations.
If a report concerns a municipal body referred to in subparagraph 4 or 5 of the first paragraph of section 85 or the audit of such a body, it must also be transmitted to the municipality related to the body under that subparagraph.
If a report concerns a chief auditor of a municipality having 100,000 inhabitants or more, it must also be transmitted to that municipality.
If a report concerns a recipient of assistance subject to section 86.4, it must be transmitted to the recipient and to the municipality or municipal body that granted the assistance.
Any report transmitted under this section must be simultaneously transmitted to the Minister and published on the Commission’s website.
2018, c. 82018, c. 8, s. 114.