C-25.01 - Code of Civil Procedure

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173. The plaintiff is required to ready the case for trial within six months, or one year in family matters, after the date on which the case protocol is presumed to be accepted or the case management conference following the filing of the case protocol is held, or after the date the case protocol is established by the court, and, before that strict time limit expires, to file a request with the court office to have the case set down for trial and judgment.
Nevertheless, if warranted by the high level of complexity of the case or by special circumstances, the court may extend the time limit at a case management conference. Even after the case management conference, the court may extend the time limit before it expires, if the parties show that it was impossible in fact, at the time of that conference, to properly assess how long they would need to ready the case for trial, or that circumstances unforeseeable at that time have since occurred. The new time limit set by the court is also a strict time limit.
If the parties or the plaintiff have not filed a case protocol or a proposed case protocol within the prescribed 45-day or three-month time limit for doing so, the six-month or one-year time limit under this article is counted from service of the application. In such an instance, the court cannot extend the latter time limit unless it was impossible in fact for one of the parties to act.
2014, c. 1, a. 173.