C-1.1 - Act to establish a legal framework for information technology

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47. A certificate may be used to establish one or more facts including the confirmation of a person’s identity, the identification of a partnership, an association or the State, the correctness of the identifier of a document or other object, the attributes of a person, document or other object or the link between a document or other object and a tangible or logical identification or location device.
An attribute certificate may be used to certify a person’s function, capacity, rights, and powers or privileges within a legal person, association, partnership or the State or within a position of employment. An attribute certificate may be used to certify the location of an association, or partnership or of a location where the State sends or receives documents. An attribute certificate may also be used to confirm the information used to identify or locate a document or object or determine the use of or the right of access to a document or object or any other right or privilege relating to a document or object.
Access to a personal attribute certificate must be authorized by the person concerned or by a person having authority over the person concerned.
2001, c. 32, s. 47.