C-1.1 - Act to establish a legal framework for information technology

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46. Where a document used for a network communication must be retained for evidential purposes, the person responsible for the document must store the identifier of the document with the document throughout its life cycle.
The identifier of the document must be accessible through a directory service, capable of linking an identifier with its location. The link between an identifier and an object may be guaranteed by a certificate which is itself accessible through a directory service that may be consulted by the public.
The identifier shall comprise a reference name that is unique and unambiguous within the set of local names where it is registered, along with the necessary extensions to link the name to sets of universal names.
To allow the origin or destination of a document at any given time to be established, the other objects used to transmit the document, such as certificates, algorithms and originating and receiving servers, must be identifiable and locatable by means of the identifiers assigned to each.
2001, c. 32, s. 46.