A-7.02 - Act respecting the Agence métropolitaine de transport

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69. As a contribution to the financing of its operations, the Agency shall receive
(1)  the share of the contribution of motorists to public transit determined by a regulation under section 88.6 of the Transport Act (chapter T-12);
(2)  the amount paid by the Minister of Revenue pursuant to section 55.2 of the Fuel Tax Act (chapter T-1);
(3)  the proceeds of an annual tax on non-residential off-street parking spaces in the area of jurisdiction of the Agency;
(4)  the amount payable by each municipality under section 70;
(5)  the share of each municipality referred to in section 71;
(6)  the contribution of public transit operating authorities and municipalities to the cost of the metropolitan bus transit system and the cost of the metropolitan facilities and equipment.
1995, c. 65, s. 69.