A-7.02 - Act respecting the Agence métropolitaine de transport

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166. The Agency succeeds to the rights and obligations of the Conseil métropolitain de transport en commun.
The transit tickets issued by the Conseil métropolitain de transport en commun before 15 December 1995 remain valid after that date and may continue to be validly issued by the Agency. The tickets shall continue to be honoured until the Agency disallows them. The Agency’s decision takes effect on the fifteenth day after the date on which it is published in a daily newspaper distributed in its territory. Until 31 December 1995, the revenue from the sale of such tickets is deemed to form part of the assets of the Conseil to be apportioned pursuant to any by-law passed under section 25 of the Act respecting the Conseil métropolitain de transport en commun (chapter C-59.001) before 15 June 1995. From 1 January 1996, the revenue shall belong to the Agency.
The Minister, or the person designated by him, is entrusted with a mandate to perform any act of an administrative nature necessary for the liquidation of the Conseil. The mandate is valid until revoked by the Agency. Every decision of the Minister is binding on the Agency.
1995, c. 65, s. 166.