A-6.01 - Public Administration Act

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3. For the purposes of this Act, the Administration comprises
(1)  the departments of the Government;
(2)  all budget-funded bodies, namely all bodies all or part of the expenditures of which are provided for in the estimates tabled in the National Assembly otherwise than under a transferred appropriation;
(3)  all bodies whose personnel is appointed in accordance with the Public Service Act (chapter F‐3.1.1);
(4)  all bodies a majority of the members or directors of which are appointed by the Government or by a minister and at least half of the expenditures of which are borne directly or indirectly by the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
A person appointed or designated by the Government or by a minister, together with the personnel directed by that person, is considered to be a body in the exercise of the functions assigned to the person by law, the Government or the Minister.
2000, c. 8, s. 3.