S-8, r. 7 - By-law respecting housing

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7. Any housing program submitted by a non-profit organization pursuant to section 64 of the Act, must include, in addition to the documents mentioned in sections 2 to 6, the following documents:
(a)  a copy of the charter or letters patent constituting the non-profit organization;
(b)  a copy of the by-laws of the non-profit organization;
(c)  the name, occupation and address of the administrators and members of the non-profit organization;
(d)  a report on the financial activities of the non-profit organization together with a financial statement duly certified by an accountant who is a member of a recognized association;
(e)  the arrangements made to ensure the availability of the necessary equity for the realization of the program and its interim financing;
(f)  the selection criteria for persons or families who occupy the dwelling units.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-8, r. 3, s. 7; O.C. 122-82, s. 2.