S-8, r. 7 - By-law respecting housing

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13. The costs for the carrying out of a housing program for the purposes of this By-law include:
(a)  the cost of acquisition of the immovables or their value determined by the Société, whichever is the lesser, the cost of demolition, the option cost where applicable as well as the fees and costs for the examination of titles, the obtainment of legal documents and the execution and registration of any act of acquisition;
(b)  the cost of acquisition of any servitude, including the legal fees and costs for its establishing;
(c)  the actual costs for construction or conversion, for the development of the land and for the installation or repair of water, sewer and other services, in front of the immovables in the program;
(d)  the fees and costs for professional services;
(e)  administration costs relating to the construction or conversion of immovables;
(f)  the costs for financing the acquisition of immovables, their construction or conversion, until the date of completion of the works;
(g)  the fees prescribed in section 10, the insurance premiums and taxes due during the period of construction or conversion;
(h)  the purchase cost of the furniture for common rooms.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-8, r. 3, s. 13.