S-6.01, r. 4 - Compendium of tariffs of private transportation by taxi

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12. The price of a trip from the main terminal of Jean-Lesage Airport to the Sainte-Foy area, whatever the number of passengers, is as follows:
Basic flat rate $12.50
5% GST $0.63
Rate including GST $13.13
8.5% QST $1.12
Total flat rate $14.25
These tariffs are applicable when there are only one pick-up point and one drop-off point.
For the purpose of this section, the Sainte-Foy area is bounded as follows:
— northward: Rang Sainte-Anne; Route de l’Aéroport; Avenue Sainte-Geneviève;
— eastward: Autoroute Henri-IV;
— southward: Autoroute Charest;
— westward: Avenue Jean-Gauvin; Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel; Rue de Jouvence and Rue des Champs-Élysés and their extension between Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel and Autoroute Charest.
Houses and buildings on either side of bordering streets are part of the Sainte-Foy area.
Decision MPTC11-00085, s. 12.